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Way West football programs all going strong

Ngày đăng: 01/11/2010 | Lượt xem: 880

Hud Venerable didn’t really follow Rob Zvonar to Lincoln Way School District 210, not the way Zvonar once followed Venerable around Monticello High.

Zvonar was there before Venerable, too, and once Venerable showed up, he couldn’t shake him.

“I took the head coaching job at Monticello in the spring of 1988, at the end of Rob’s junior year,”cheap jerseys Venerable said. “I lived in Bloomington at the time, and I was going back and forth a lot. Every time I went to Monticello to work on football, Rob was always the first person to greet me and the last to leave, coaches included.

“This kid followed me around everywhere the weight room, the equipment room, wherever. He was doing whatever he could to get me acclimated to the program, to introduce me to kids in the program and kids who might be interested. He was one of the best captains, best leaders I’ve ever had.”

Monticello went 11 1 that fall, and the immediate success enjoyed by a new coach there has become commonplace in District 210 a trend started by Zvonar, the only head coach in Lincoln Way East’s relatively brief but rich history.

Lincoln Way East has won 80.5 percent of its games since 2001 and never has missed the playoffs.

Zvonar, who was an assistant at Central before East opened, provided a blueprint that was followed when the district expanded to include Lincoln Way North, which fielded its first varsity team in 2008, and Lincoln Way West (2009).

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