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To understand this, one must understand the directions and

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From the Shirley Temple vehicle Little Miss Marker to Wim Wenders’ evocative Alice of the Cities, most film stories of an adult saddled with a child offer the older protagonist an opportunity to grow or be restored to an energetic life. But the question is, why does indifferent and apathetic Eusebio respond so deeply to this child who so prefers to be hidden, he’d rather live in a closet than share a living space with his benefactor? The Cleaner does answer that question, but like with everything else, it takes its time. Many will find this film sluggish, but as it gently progresses the film’s tardy pace actually becomes one of its major pleasures.

The conflation of traditional beauty with an unusual element captured attention elsewhere. Bejewelled, ruler straight eyebrows embroidered in collaboration with the Maison Lesage provided a graphic embellishment against a simple and austere base at Chanel. Colour was big elsewhere.

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Then again, Telstra has only just announced it’s trialing Category 4 LTE devices, so it may be some time before we see those actually on store shelves. It’ll either ship with a quad or octa core chip, depending largely on the LTE frequencies used by carriers in a given country. The S 4 also features infrared and humidity sensors and an inbuilt IR port so it can act as a remote control.

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