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No legislation has been drafted yet

Ngày đăng: 26/02/2010 | Lượt xem: 964

No legislation has been drafted yet, according to City Attorney Victoria Mndez, so it’s difficult to say exactly how the proposal will be structured. It’s also unclear whether it would apply to Regalado, who says the $85,000 pension he earned as a commissioner wouldn’t grow as a result of his two terms as mayor, which began in late 2009 after the fund was closed. Commissioner Wifredo “Willy” Gort also earned a meager pension from his previous tenure as a commissioner in the 1990s..

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To have Facebook or Twitter for breakfast, lunch and dinner seems a little sad if you ask me. And I realize people have argued this time and time again and the debate about the rise of social media will always go the way of technology, but why can there still be a class or two at school and university where we don have to use computers? Why can history be learned from an actual historical book? Soon the history of history will change because there will be nothing physically historical left. Why can we learn to write in beautiful scripture at school anymore? The world is giving up beauty for simplicity..

“I am not responsible for the release of the video. It was not what I wanted and I am doing what I can to force the media to take it off the internet,” she said in a statement to E! News. “I underestimated the toll that this difficult few months have taken on me, emotionally and physically, and the efforts made by the media to intimidate and discredit me.”.

Scott Reeve, of the Middletown Division of Police.Coleman’s death certificate lists his official date of death as March 28, but Butler County Coroner’s officials said that based on the autopsy it looked as though Coleman had been dead for a few days before he was found, according to police. Police say coroner’s officials told them that Coleman’s body had already started to decompose.Coleman was 62 years old when he passed away and served in the Army, according to his sister, Diana Pearson. She said she saw photos of her brother’s body, which she described as “decomposing and mummified.””Obviously, the case manager did not do what he needed to do,” Pearson said.

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