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Berghaus Panthers

Ngày đăng: 26/09/2010 | Lượt xem: 845

Berghaus Panthers

Carolina Panthers running back Jonathan Stewart.(Photo: AP)

9:55: Ron Rivera gets a Gatorade bath as well as some coaches. Have to go write. It’s been fun.

9:43: Luke Kuechly intercepts Palmer and sprints to a touchdown. Newton then sprints out to join teammates in celebration outside of the end zone. Panthers are going to the Super Bowl. It’s 49 15 with 5:11 still to play.

9:36: Touchdown Panthers. Funchess pass from Newton 7 yards. Panthers going for 2 and get it on pass from Newton to Tolbert. Newton points to crowd it’s 42 15 with 5:26 left.

9:32: Olsen picks up 28 yards after catch for a 54 yard play to the 23. Newton skips 30 yards down the field on his way back to huddle.

9:30: Big pick by Coleman in end zone. Cardinals need at least three scores in less than 12 minutes. If Panthers can run some time here fans will feel better although they appear to be in fine spirits.

9:19: Three and out. If Cardinals don;t score here it’s really over. Almost.

9:16: Thinking behind 2 point attempt must be two more TDs with 2 pt tries and a field goal to tie.

9:14: Cardinals show a little life. 24 15 with 14:16 left.

9:12: Thomas Davis wearing a sling on right arm. Panthers will need him in two weeks.

9:10: Much better third quarter for Panthers this week. They controlled the clock and scored 10 points. 34 7 with 15 minutes remaining.

9:01: Call Cardinals a cab. Newton scores from 11 yards out and Panthers up 31 7 with 2:08 left. MVP chants filling the stadium. Start packing for the Super Bowl.

8:55: Carolina running some clock. Down to 4:15 left in third. Panthers moving again. Anything could happen but hard to see Cardinals coming back. Next possession may be deciding factor.

8:46: Josh Norman doing some dancing to Tonight’s the Night as he waits to get back on the field.
sollevamento del mento
8:43: Nice drive by Panthers, who didn’t open second half as conservatively as they did against Seattle last week. Newton takes them to the 6 before getting sacked for 11 yards. Gano eventually came in for a short field goal for a 27 7 lead. More important, Panthers take 7:10 off the clock.

8:20: Anyone hungry for a turnover. Kurt Coleman makes leaping pick in end zone for Panthers. That’s four in the last couple minutes., three by Cardinals. First half will end with Panthers leading 24 7.

8:16: Cardinals self destructing with another fumble, but Patrick Peterson bails them out with iNT. A nice 72 yard return to Panthers 22. Cards have life with 56 seconds left.

8:13: Harper won;t return in second half because of eye injury. Davis also out for the game with arm injury. Now that touchdown really looks big.

8:06: Some scuffling after Newton dives and stretches for a TD. Cardinals at first thought they stopped it. Big touchdown on a third and 1. Jonathan Stewart the star of that drive with runs of 17 and 23 that put the ball on the 1. 24 7 with 1:56 left.

8:01: Another three and out for Panthers. Cardinals have settled down. Panthers need a stop and then a drive. But as I write that Teddy Williams recovers fumble on punt by Peterson. Panthers have ball back at cardinals 36 with 4:45 left. Nice break.

7:58: Panthers LB Thomas Davis has arm injury suffered on drive. return questionable. That’s two defensive starters out at the moment.

7:54: David Johnson up the middle on 1 yard run to complete 79 yard drive for the Cardinals, who finally look like they’re playing for a championship. 17 7 Panthers with 5:44 left in half.

7:52: Cardinals looking good on this drive, with help by a couple penalties. Palmer may be settling in after 15 yard pass to Darren Fells for first down at 13.

7:49: Panthers getting sloppy. Five yard penalty for lining up in neutral zone and 15 yards for face mask. Johnson gets another big run and Cardinals on the move at the PAnther 28.

7:46: Safety Roman Harper out with eye injury, return questionable. Not good for a secondary that is already depleted.

7:42: Panthers don;t take advantage of turnover, losing 1 yards on 3 plays, first time they’ve had to kick it away. Nice stop by Arizona, which was needed.

7:39: Forced turnover by Panthers. Kawann Shrort sacks Palmer and forces fumble. Kuechly recovers with 12:43 left. Play under review. regardless, pressure continues from Carolina.

7:36: Cardinals having succees running David Johnson off the edges. He just rips off 23 yard run. Panthers need to watch him.

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